is a 5-track EP by Mikkel Malmberg

I've made an EP of song demoes every year since 2008. This is the one for 2012 – The second one to go under the alias The Milk Run. I suppose it ended up being kind of 80s this time.

All songs are written, performed and recorded by me.
I'd like you to have them.

The title is inspired by this book which I encourage everyone to read. It's about about a princess who falls in love with a guy who likes to blow stuff up. And pyramids and the moon.

I don't know who took the cover image. It's of an atomic explosion so I imagine it's owned by a nuclear superpower. Perhaps one we've heard of. Perhaps not. I hope that now with the Cold War over, beautiful nuclear bomb explosions can be the property of everyone.

The lyrics are for a change something I've actually enjoyed writing.

Also – the EP is available as a download, ready for your iTunes library.

m Download as .mp3's (ready for iTunes)

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